Let me, as a neutral, help you and your spouse come to a fully informed and fairly negotiated agreement.  This is an alternative process, wherein the parties commit to resolve their differences at the mediation table in lieu of going to court. During the mediation, the parties are generally unrepresented, but are encouraged to obtain an independent attorney to review any agreement prior to execution.

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Collaborative Law

Let me represent you as your collaborative attorney. Collaboration is another method of respectful settlement, where each party is fully represented with an individual attorney that they bring to the collaborative table. Similar to mediation, in this process, you commit not to go court. This process is different in that I would represent you as one of the collaborative attorneys, and your spouse obtains independent counsel.

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You don't always need to go to court as a first option; let me help you settle your case without starting litigation. I can help you resolve your differences in an attempt to avoid a court proceeding. If the matter cannot be resolved, I can utilize my 38 years of litigation experience to represent you in court and help you accomplish your goal.  

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